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Purposeful dreaming

I made myself dream of you last night.

Does that make me a bad girl?

I wasn’t sleepy.

I lied down, closed my eyes, turned off all the lights and sounds.

I pictured you and me together, talking, smiling.

We held hands.

We laughed.

I know I was sleeping next to someone else.

Yet, I felt pure, my love for you is pure, honest, innocent.

Like fresh rain, like clouds, like a little animal’s love.

Now, tell me, can fresh rain ever be bad?

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Deepest desires

I want to touch you,

touch your skin, your hair, your hands, your lips,

and your soul.

This unseen desire found its way into your psyche.

You touched me.

I do not regret for the past.

Sometimes, I wish for a parallel universe, an alternate reality,

where you and I walked this road called life,


hand in hand,

fingers and lives intertwining.

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Did you count the raindrops today?
The flowers were calling your name.
The white of the clouds melted into the white of the snow.
If you had looked carefully,
you would have found the broken shards of my essence,
fallen into the puddles formed from the rain.

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