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You don’t have to tuck in your cold feet into your husband’s warm ones at night.

There are other options.

Wear warm socks.

Place a furry cat on top of your feet, make him comfortable, and wait till he curls up to take a nap.

Squeeze your toes into that fold behind your knee.

Entangle your feet in your blanket.

Heat a water bottle, and place it at the foot of the bed.

Turn on a vaporizer in the room.

Don’t ever think that you have only one choice.

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Can I have a cupful of Love?

Oh, and could you make that Unconditional please?

How much will that be?

Oh, you want me to be a responsible, normal, typical wife in return?

Earn a good living, have babies on time, love and respect your parents?

I will try to do that.

But don’t forget what I ordered!

You are out of Unconditional Love today?

What? You never had it on the menu to begin with?

But, I was promised.

Do you know who carries it?

Oh, you do have it?

Wait! This isn’t the way I ordered it!

It’s not Unconditional!

You may say it is, but it’s not!

I shall not pay for this, I refuse to give you what I promised in return.

Is there no way to re-do this order?


I’ll look for it elsewhere.

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