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I just came back from a month long trip to India. Two weeks of it was spent in Mumbai, with other grad school students, to learn and study about counseling and social work in India. A profound trip. The need for therapists and therapy is much greater in India than here in the U.S. I am tempted to move back to this country I was born in. Some photos.

Room in Atmadarshan We stayed at a Catholic retreat center, Atmadarshan. Our rooms were simple, clean, and met all our needs. In some way, staying here became a retreat for me.

Bathroom at Atmadarshan Attached bathroom.

more boats A fishing village in Vasai, Thane district.

fishing boat


Elephanta Elephanta caves. I was awed to be blessed to see these 1500 years old sculptures.

elephanta caves Some survives, some breaks off.

Drying fish Fish drying in Vasai.

creative handicrafts Women working at Creative Handicrafts, Andheri. An amazing NGO, that provides employment to women in need and is a fair trade organization.

More boys in vasai Boys love to pose!

Boys in vasai Playing.

In andheri Boy in Andheri who graciously posed for me.

woman working Woman working at Creative Handicrafts.

garbage Water bottles thrown at elephanta caves. It pains me to see people treat their environment this way.



street shopping Street shopping.

street sign

sewing Making stuffed animals at creative handicrafts.



kitten Stray kitten on the road. I was petting him for a long time, could not let go. He loved the human touch. These animals scavenge for food and shelter, but who provides them love?

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