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I am playing around with SoulCollage lately – as art therapy.

Will post some creations soon.



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Today I started a day treatment program at the suggestion of my psychiatrist for depression and other assorted issues of my life. It’s not as bad as I thought it’d be. In fact, it’s good. Group therapy, psychoeducational groups, eventually meeting a therapist and psychiatrist there too. And structure in my life. 9 AM to 3:15 PM every day.

Why did no one tell me about this option earlier? I wasted a lot of time hiding and escaping into my own world.

I watched my tendency to want to help others, help people who are in group there, as usual forgetting that I myself am there to make some changes in my life.

We did a SoulCollage session, I liked it, will upload a photo of mine soon.

One little step to move toward a life of my own.

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by Cassandra BarneyI am anxiously awaiting my giclee of The Engagement by Cassandra Barney. Lately, I am fasinated with the color blue and red poppy flowers. All her paintings are a reflection of herself in some way, all self-portraits, yet us viewers can find ourselves in them too. There’s a melancholy in these faces, a darkness, a secret, a profound sadness. When I have met Cassandra for her art shows, she seems so content, satisfied, joyful, dare I say, happy. Her paintings though reveal something else. In public, she’s the one who probably carries around the most painted face, while her paintings cautiously speak of her true inner reality. The Engagement, to me, looks like this innocent happy bird sharing a bit of that happiness with this melancholy young woman, thus “engaging” her into life. If only I had the means, I would love to cover my walls with much more of her art than I can.

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 We painted our deck in the summer, but procrastinated to put the paint can, brush, and paint tray away. The snow storm in the winter covered it with three inches of snow. I think it looked like a piece of art.

Paint can covered in snow

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