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Buddy 150-cc scooter (Olive Green)

Buddy 150-cc scooter (Olive Green)

We bought this Buddy 150-cc Italia scooter yesterday. It’s olive-green, a 2-seater, and I feel like the little girl I was in India, riding behind my dad on his Bajaj scooter. The fresh air in the face, the feel of the road as we go along, I love it all.

A red Vespa was my dream; but who wants to pay an extra $1500 for the brand name, the image.

I’ll get back to writing earnestly soon.


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I am always at a juncture in my life. I know that this is Life, right here, right now, under my feet, yet I’m waiting for something to happen, some new day, for Life to truly begin. Why am I waiting? What for?

This marriage was a mistake. I admit it.

Now what?

Do I stay in it?

Separate and go our separate ways?

He doesn’t understand what this is about, to him it’s about not rocking the boat.

I love someone else. Always have. Never stopped loving him from the moment I made contact with him. Realistically, he will never be mine in this lifetime either. But I’d rather be alone, than in a marriage built on a faulty foundation.

I pray for presence of mind, mindfulness, wisdom, strength, and courage through this process.

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