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In fetal postion

We melt in the icicles,
we jump in the ocean,
we create waves,
we are not stymied.

Salt is salt after all,
whether it comes from tear ducts or from the ocean floor.

Who’s in prison?
The one behind bars or the one in front of them?
Is it not the one who does not want to be there?

A cloud cover protects me,
envelops me.
The earth cradles,
the rain provides sustenance,
the birds and animals: companionship.

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the Emancipation of an idea

What is your name my little friend?
Did you wake up too to the sound of the tinkling bells outside?
Does the snow make you squirm?
Go, go, go away to the land of the nobles.

I watered an idea, and it grew, and the idea crushed me under its’ wings.

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Did you count the raindrops today?
The flowers were calling your name.
The white of the clouds melted into the white of the snow.
If you had looked carefully,
you would have found the broken shards of my essence,
fallen into the puddles formed from the rain.

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